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Dynomite Dynometer

Do you think you ready for some pulls on the Dyno? Please read the prices and notes below before you schedule your session. 

–Oil or Antifreeze Hazmat Fee – If your car releases a substantial amount of oil or antifreeze you will be billed additional fee $25.00
–Spark Plug Gapping – Flat Rate tuning does not include spark plug gapping. If we must gap or replace your spark plugs during the dyno session, you will be billed additional fee (does not include new plugs!!) $25.00
-Diagnostic fee if issues arise while on the dyno. Price is not included in flat rate tuning price, this will be an additional charge at $75/hr $75/hr
General Engine Management Tuning Hourly Rate (if your car/system no listed under flat rate pricing) $150/hr
General Dyno rental (VMS mounts and operates car, owner or owners rep tunes car) – $150/hr $150/hr
Half Day Dyno Rental (4 hours, paid in full even if all time is not used) $400.00
Full Day Dyno Rental (8 hours, paid in full even if all time is not used) $700.00
Baseline Test 2 wheel drive vehicles $75.00
Dyno Tuning prices  
The following EMS standalone units are supported here at VMS:  
-Link ECU, AEM, Megasquirt, Haltech, Ecumaster  
Most of VMS dyno tuning prices are flat rate based on system:  
Single fuel tune:  
-Link ECU $650.00
-AEM v2/infinity $750.00
-Megasquirt $550.00
-Haltech $650.00
-Ecumaster $650.00
Dual fuel setup, Flexfuel  
-Link ECU $750.00
-AEM $850.00
-Megasquirt $750.00
-Haltech $750.00
-Ecumaster $750.00
Flash tuning:  
-Hondata s100/s200/s300 $550.00
-KPro $550.00
-Flash pro $500.00
Nissan Uprev Osiris:  
-N/A -license included $800.00
-Boosted -License included $850.00
-e85 License included $900.00
If customer already has a License: $400.00
UpRev Osiris Retune: $400.00
HP Tuner/General Motors:  
Base fee including License: $600.00
Dual map conversion and tune (customer must wire switch to ECU – 2nd map can be for race gas, nitrous, economy, etc.) $200.00
Flex Fuel upgrade (E38, E67 and some other ECUs – customer must have sensor installed) $200.00
Operating system conversion (speed density, boost upgrade, etc.) $200.00
Factory boosted vehicles (CTS-V, Cobalt SS, CTS-Vsport, ATS 2.0, etc.) $200.00
Separate Nitrous Map (if no dual map option) $200.00

Required $100 Deposit to Schedule Time on Dyno. This deposit will be applied to your total invoice. 

Happy Customers

"These guys are really amazing,like a family. Always willing to reach out and help others. This is how shops should be and not all about money, reps, and deep pocket customers.

Shout out to the owners Edwin Ellis and Bryan Dyer for spending a good hour to help me with a project build. They did their best and I commend them for taking their time out of their busy schedule to help me instead of telling me to leave and go somewhere else."

Michael C

"The guys at Victory are experienced and equipped with everything you could want in a performance shop. They have great service and do very high quality work. They are the go-to when it comes to anything Supra. My 2jz will be polished and tuned by them when it's done, and I know itll be flawless as is all their builds. Fabrication is top quality and the support after the work is done is absolutely 5 star. I wont take my supra anywhere else."

Mike M

The Victory Motorsports team is honest, friendly and knowledgeable. Although my job was small, I know where I’ll be going for more power. Thanks Edwin and Bryan for all your information and patience!

Chris R

Been working with these guys for years. Would never take my cars elsewhere. They helped me build my dream car and they can help you build yours.

David C

"Bryan and Edwin helped me knock out and finish my Lexus v8 Conversion in my 87' Mk3 Supra, kept me updated along the way, and were honest as well as up front along the whole way! give these guys a call if you need help with anything performance related, or even something simple!"

Mike D

"From simple to complex, imports or domestics, Victory Motorsports is the place to go! Pure craftsmanship and a trustworthy shop that isn't looking to screw over the customer for a quick buck. 2nd to none"

Derek W

This is the only place I trust to work on my car , the entire crew is outstanding and work TOGETHER to make sure things are done right the first time . The amount of time and dedication they put into each and every car is unmatched . Thank you for treating me like family and not a customer .

Walter M

Great guys, I got all my parts as promised as quickly. 100% reccomend.


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